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Software Development

Kubikos is a company with a centralized , transparent and consistent management driven by a single common goal – enabling our clients to hit their target through the latest technology and advanced tools we know how to leverage , improve , or create. We aim to provide an optimal workload breakdown and team composition at every project while taking into account not only the technological aspect , but first the client’s business needs.

We develop end-to-end solutions ,including the presentation logic , front end interfaces , back end systems , business logic and integration to enterprise systems.

Typically , in a most generic way , a project consists of the following project phases:

– Requirement , Analysis
– Design
– Coding
– Testing
– Deployment , Maintenance

Depending on the project specifics or the client’s requirements , the phases might switch the order , run in parallel , or repeated. Each phase may consist of several iterations.


We are currently going through development process of a tool designed to automize your validation processes for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.


When outsourcing software development or other IT services , coordination and communication can be critical issues for your project success. Opting for the nearshoring can mitigate these risks and provide geographical and cultural proximity which is required for projects demanding responsiveness and reactivity.

Kubikos has developed dedicated team services that are highly customizable to the needs of the customers looking for nearshore software outsourcing with maximum cost efficiency.

Together with our partner firm in Germany we are able to offer services where the client has complete access , control and transparency over the team working on the project.


Kubikos recognizes that partnership plays a critical role in developing, integrating, maintaining, and selling our cutting-edge solutions. Therefore, we take partnership seriously and invest heavily in the success of partner.

We have chosen our strategic partnership carefully, based on where we can deliver the most value to our customers.

Our partner is instrumental to enhancing current solutions and delivering on the product promises.

SCON Business Intelligence GmbH based in Germany offers products and services specifically designed to optimize your business processes and minimize your IT overheads.

Our services and products are based primarily on Microsoft® Technologies – a platform we also use for developing Individual software solutions. SCON GmbH Competence and expertise based on many years experience in Business Development, Contract Management, Business Intelligence and IT Project Management especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

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